All over the world, the C-Pen handheld scanner is recognized as the easiest way to transfer important sentences or paragraphs directly from paper documents, books, journals, etc. to your computer. The C-Pen selective approach to text scanning and entry saves time and eliminates scanning entire pages. C-Pen's speed and OCR precision makes it a unique solution for writers, researchers, students, lawyers or anyone who retypes information. Make your trip to the library more productive with a C-Pen in your pocket!

C-Pen OCR Scanning Pens / Handheld OCR Pen Scanners read ...

  • regular text with a font size from 5 pt to 22 pt,
  • 167 languages -- Latin, Cyrillic or Greek characters,
  • barcodes and special numerics like digits, OCR-A, and MICR (E13B).


How do C-Pen and MasterFile work together?

Normally, you make notes on paper as you come across the material you need. Or, using a C-Pen, typically scan sentences or paragraphs and keep all these bits and pieces in one long Word document.

Then, as you write your notes for each, shuffling things around as needed, you'll find you need to reference other writing, extracts, etc. The process is the same on paper or in a word processor - and gets messy. It's not much simpler if you use 3x5 cards either. Half your information is on cards - the rest is in some other document where you write.

That's where MasterFile comes in.

A new class of software, MasterFile has been designed from the ground up to help litigators, researchers, journalists, investigators and students connect and use scanned material, documents, their own notes/writing, etc. wherever needed, to plan, set out, argue and substantiate their case, project or research.

The C-Pen scanner works in tandem with MasterFile's exclusive Extract Repository -- you highlight extracts from your material straight into the Extract Repository and then link them to the issues they relate to or facts they substantiate, as shown at right. We call it "Thinking and Linking".


What is MasterFile?

MasterFile is designed specifically to help you, or a whole team, stay on top of your case or research every step of the way.

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    Your research "masterfile" by document type
    Pinpoint any document in 2 or 3 clicks by document type.

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    Your research "masterfile" by author
    Pinpoint any document in 2 or 3 clicks by author.

    Its unique document and evidence repository lets you organize all your material (interviews, expert reports, FOI and leaked documents, digitla images, research, etc.) so you can pinpoint anything in 2 or 3 mouse clicks -- whether by author, date, document type, or issue, etc. Advanced Google style search is there when you need it.

    A secure MasterFile database is created for each research project. It becomes the central store for evidence and all your communications, notes, thoughts, findings and conclusions -- the project's "masterfile" where you turn to find everything related to it, in the office or on the road.

    Documents are no longer scattered across dozens of folders on flash drives, servers, workstations, laptops, e-mail systems, etc. where they are often lost or forgotten. And your notes are no longer spread across miscellaneous programs like electronic sticky notes, web page highlighters, "free-form" databases or other ad-hoc systems.

    Reference databases are also easily created for your specific areas of expertise or interest, not just accumulating but extracting critical findings, saving time locating critical research relevant to your work.
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    Extract repository
    See your C-Pen scans and what's important at a glance.

    As you review material, MasterFile's Extract technology lets you immediately highlight, extract and classify by issue any key information -- either with the C-Pen or from document text already loaded into MasterFile. All these extracts are your key evidence so we make sure they're always visible and not buried away.
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    Your research "masterfile" by issue -- Review everything  organized by issue.

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    Fact Analysis
    See how your investigation or hypothesis is shaping up.

    When it comes to setting out and substantiating the facts, findings and conclusions, MasterFile and its Argument Toolbox comes into its own.

    First, use the live "by Issue" views, shown at right, to review all the extracts for a given issue at a glance.  These issues could be for any matter -- "Melting Polar Ice", issues to be discussed for a thesis on economic theory, the facts in a forensic audit.

    Then, create fact records for each issue, assess the relevance of the fact to your investigation or hypothesis and link in the substantiating and corroborating evidence.
    Learn more about "by issue" views
    Learn more about fact management
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    Argument Drafting
    Set out and substantiate your assertions point by point.

    As you pull everything together, MasterFile's doc-link technology lets you reference facts and other material in your notes at the exact point in you argument or thesis they're needed. No more arrows pointing here and there -- and no more thumbing through pages of notes finding what you want. Write as much detail as you need, format it as you want, and link in the sources for any statement with a single click -- all in MasterFile.
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Whether you're a paralegal, investigator, journalist, researcher or student, why spend long hours retyping text? Or why scan and OCR an entire page if you just need a short passage?

Use the C-Pen OCR handheld scanner to quickly transfer sentences and paragraphs directly from paper to your PC as easily as using as highlighter pen.

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(Via secure online ordering; shipping included in US and Canada).

C-Pen Technical Specifications
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See how MasterFile not only lets you organize your C-Pen extracts in its exclusive Extract Repository but also set out and substantiate your argument or hypothesis.


MasterFile is a new class of software designed from the ground up for the lawyer, investigator, journalist or academic researcher.

It features a novel evidence/document repository married to an exclusive extract and fact and system -- the Argument Toolbox -- which lets you actually plan, draft and substantiate your position or hypothesis, point by point so efficiently and precisely you have to see it to believe it!


MasterFile for watchdog organizations and investigative reporters
MasterFile is a new and simpler way of staying on top of your investigation's research, evidence, facts, issues and chronology. As you sift through evidence you'll be able to extract and assess key facts while keeping each linked back to its source. When you dive deeper into your investigation and set out your argument, MasterFile lets you see all evidence for a particular assertion, finding or conclusion at a glance. The bottom line is MasterFile helps you work faster and ensure your investigation is defensible.

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MasterFile for students and scholars
Whether you're a graduate student or professor, MasterFile lets you store and classify electronic, paper or web papers from the literature by multiple tags and issues relevant to your research. You're able to set out summary digests of critical information culled, assess the relevance of each item to your hypothesis and finally reference it in your own research. While historians can now reconstruct fully documented time-lines directly in MasterFile.

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MasterFile for litigators and lawyers
"MasterFile is an exciting new product that deserves a serious look if you're considering moving to electronic litigation evidence analysis and case strategy analysis. Scalable from small and solo firms to large enterprises, it is the first entrant in a new class of software that combines CaseMap®, Concordance®, Summation® and document management akin to Worldox®."

-- David Bilinsky
Past Co-Chair of the ABA TECHSHOW

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